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So I’m not like a fan of Pierce The Veil or anything ( i do like a couple of songs ) but a lot of the blogs that I follow obviously are so this one is for you guys…there’s this bulgarian rapper called 100 kila who looks like he could be Vic Fuentes’s brother or something…



My sister has a bearded dragon and they typically eat crickets, but they’ll eat mice occasionally as well. She bought this mouse a week ago and the first day, the bearded dragon put the mouse in his mouth and the mouse squeaked so he spit it out… and he’s never tried to eat it again! Now they’re friends and the mouse sleeps on his back and head and even moved some wood chips over to where the bearded dragon sleeps so he would have a bed too! It’s so cute. 

It’s a petpet

(Source: fuckyeahinterspeciesfriendships)

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